Philippe Mazas, CIO

Our journey together

Mundipharma IT Services was formed on 1st January 2012 and provides valuable and professional IT solutions and support to over 70 independent associated companies operating within the pharmaceutical arena around the world.  The independent associated companies are a global network of private international businesses that have been owned by the Sackler family since 1952.  Mundipharma IT Services is a small IT Company with a global reach which enables us to provide varied developmental and multi-skilling opportunities for our people, whilst being dedicated to supporting our customers to make a difference to patients’ lives.

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Our values

Accountable ..."we do what we say we will..."
Agile ...".we adapt swiftly to the changing and emerging needs of our customers..."
Innovative ..."we continually strive to improve ourselves and our customer solutions..."
Courageous ..."we challenge ourselves and our customers to ensure we deliver the best solutions for the business..."
Team player ..."the collective success is more important than any individual's..."

Key facts about our Global Network